5 Tips for Eating Healthily on a Budget


So many people seem to think that eating well is more expensive and I can totally understand where that perception comes from with the growing number of expensive health products and fiddly ingredients popping up. The whole idea behind Mind Body Bowl is to make healthy living easy and accessible for everyone, regardless of budget! Healthy living has become more fashionable in recent years, and has led to niche and exclusive health food shops popping up in every expensive postcode. Whilst the amazing cafes and restaurants opening up are amazing and make healthy food so much more exciting we cant all afford to eat out and splurge on shopping trips all the time. Likewise, paying to workout every day at a hot new studio isn't realistic for the majority of people that want to feel healthy.

Lots of you ask for advice on how to make healthy living a little easier on the finances so I have put together a few tips to give you a few ideas of where you can cut the costs down.

1. Get organised.

This is my number one rule! If you plan your meals and write a shopping list before you hit the supermarket aisles you will not only save money, but also time, as well as cutting back on food waste! A shopping list also stops unnecessary - and less healthy - items from sneaking their way into your shopping basket! Of course we don't know what might pop up that requires us to adapt our plans but at least it gives you a good starting point.


2. Buy in bulk.

You can buy some amazing bulk products online (think Amazon etc.) which will last you much longer than the smaller bags you can buy in supermarkets, and cost a fraction of the price. I always buy dry goods - rice, beans, chickpeas, oats - from Amazon, as well as things like chia seeds, and nut butters. A kilogram of almond butter can half as much as it does in store and I know for sure that I will get through that over time. Loads of well-established brands stock their products on Amazon, so it’s worth checking if the product you want is available at a discounted rate online. Obviously only buy in bulk if you know you are going to use it though - otherwise that becomes totally counterproductive!


3. Batch cook.

Putting in a couple of hours prep time for the week ahead on a Saturday or Sunday will save you money and time during the week. It will also mean that you have tonnes of delicious food ready and waiting for you to look forward to after a long day. I usually cook up a couple of big portions of grains, a load of roasted veg, and something like a hearty sweet potato and chickpea curry or a soup at the weekend, and then just mix it all up by adding some fresh veg, different sauces and seasonings throughout the week to keep things varied and delicious. It also makes meal times much more convenient which is great when you're really hungry after a long day!


4. Always carry food out and about with you.

From a gourmet packed lunch to a handful of almonds, if you carry something in your bag when you leave the house you’ll always have a healthy option on hand and won’t end up blowing your budget on a eating out. 

5. Use your freezer.

Buying berries frozen it is far cheaper than the fresh stuff, and it’s nutrient value is maintained in the freezing process so it has just as much (or often even more) goodness. Your freezer is also your best friend when it comes to storing leftovers for a later date, keeping produce fresh, and for setting any raw sweet treat made with coconut oil! 

6. Have dinner parties!

I know this sounds counter-intuitive but recruit some healthy friends and take it in turns to cook. It's much less extravagant than eating out and you can choose the sort of food you want to eat without making a fuss. It's a great chance to try out new recipes plus you get to enjoy eating with likeminded friends.