Springing into the New Season

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Spring is such an uplifting time of year. I love it when the days start getting longer, lighter, warmer and less wet! I'm not totally convinced that it is arriving on time here in the UK but we are definitely slowly moving in the right direction and it is certainly a little easier to get up now it's not so dark when my alarm goes off! Spring’s all about rejuvenation, possibility and hope, not least for those who have suffered from the mood alterations that winter can so often bring - its the time of year when things quite literally start getting brighter!

One of the best things about Spring is all the beautiful produce which is suddenly in season. I get so excited when I start to see the supermarket aisles and farmers’ markets being stocked with juicy round cabbages and spears of fresh and crunchy asparagus. It gets me so inspired to cook up simple and delicious meals which I know are doing me a world of good. The great thing with eating what’s in season is that produce needs very little fuss or preparation - its at its prime so will taste amazing even when it’s served in the most simple of ways! Other great produce which is perfect at this time of year include leeks, peppers, kale, rhubarb, and purple sprouting broccoli.

Also...FLOWERS. Spotting blossom on the trees is the best thing ever, especially when you look up and see it blooming in front of a gorgeous blue sky. It may still feel crisp but a hint of sunshine and the first few leaves on the trees is making me feel like summer is just around the corner. With daffodils on every market stall or even lining the checkouts at the supermarket, it is so easy to bring spring inside without spending a fortune on fancy flowers.

 Another thing I love about Spring is the end of unhappy winter skin! It’s so key to take care of your skin during the transition between seasons because it can get ‘shocked’ by the change in climate and temperature, and will need a bit of TLC to adjust to the warmer weather. I always find that gradually reducing the amount of moisturiser I use is really important - whilst many people (myself included) prefer to use a lighter moisturiser in the Spring, I have to remind myself that my skin has become dependent on the heavier stuff I’ve been applying all winter, so working down to a more gentle skin-care routine needs to be a slow and steady process! Everyone’s skin is different but the transition process can take anywhere from a few days to a month, so just do what feels right for you as the seasons change.

The final thing which I am oddly excited about at the moment is Spring cleaning! In the vein of the melting away of winter and the blossoming of Spring, ‘out with old and in with the new’ is what this season is all about. For me, Spring cleaning is as much about tidying up my physical space at home and getting rid of bits and bobs which are no longer of use to me, as it is about ‘spring cleaning’ my mind. We all have a finite about of space in our minds so, for me, taking a few moments every morning at this time of year to be mindful, and to clear up my head-space a little, means I can make room for the things which are most important to me. Spring cleaning my mind (and home) a little each day plays the biggest role in making me feel good and energised, and in helping me to be productive and get things done!

So spring into the new season feeling positive - if for nothing else, be grateful for a glimpse of sunshine and the hope that it wont be long until we can finally ditch the 20,578 layers of clothing that have been bundling us up for the last few months!

And remember to ward off any seasonal colds and flus with plenty of ginger shots.