Video - Relaxing Bedtime Yoga

F0r lots of people, getting a good night's sleep can be a real challenge. We rush around all day and I know in my case I am often glued to a phone or computer screen right up until the moment I climb in bed (or whilst I lie there). We barely give our minds or bodies the opportunity to wind down and so it is no wonder that so many people struggle. This 15 minute video is perfect for preparing you for a restful night, helping you to unwind and relax, ready to climb into bed. Keep your eyes closed as much as possible and really try to connect with your breath as you move through the video. I hope you find it calming and look forward to hearing what you think. Sleep well! x


As always, this lovely video was made by Will Sebastian. You can find him on instagram for behind the scenes snaps and more puns than you can laugh at @willsebastian