Self-Love for Valentine's Day

IMG_1482The 14th of February is one of the best marketing schemes that happens each year, a day where flower sellers can up their price tags, chocolates, cards, teddy bears and other seemingly romantic gestures come into their own in order to show our appreciation for your loved ones. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a celebration of love and affection yet we associate it with our feelings towards a significant other (if there is a special someone in our life). What we completely over look is that the day itself doesn't specify who we are meant to be loving and so I wanted to take some time to remind you about the importance of finding love for yourself and actively celebrating that too. We often think about how much we want to focus more on nurturing positive relationships within our lives but forget that our relationship with ourselves fits in at the top of this list!We worry about what others think of us but what really matters is what we think of ourselves. We are first to notice all of our flaws but when was the last time you noticed the colour of your eyes, the sound of your own voice or fact that you held a door open for a stranger without thought. Self-love is not about vanity, boasting, showing-off or any other negative connotation we conditioned to associate it with. It is about knowing who you are and loving and accepting yourself as that person. It is about respecting yourself, nourishing your body with food and good sleep as well as taking care of yourself and looking after yourself.

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” - C.G. Jung

Forgiving yourself for 'messing up', or for not being where you think you should be and allow yourself to let go of the idea of perfection that makes you feel inadequate. There is perfection in every imperfection you find about yourself. That is what makes you perfect and finding acceptance for that is a truly wonderful journey. We probably wont fall in love with ourselves over night, but taking small steps in finding a way to connect in a positive way to your body, mind and everything else that you are can shift your whole perspective.

So before showing your love for those around you today, just take a few moments right now to think about why you love yourself. Dig-deep if you have to, it's unfamiliar and may seem a little crazy but its in there and you are wonderful. Now start believing it.

Oh and if you still need a little chocolate just to keep up with tradition, you can't get much more pink and perfect than this trio from Raw Halo. That is a treat you really deserve for nothing else than being you. You are wonderful.