My Favourite Home-Made Simple Snacks

IMG_2096Recently I have been asked by quite a few of you about what I eat from day to day - whether I stick to three meals or if I snack in between. It's a tricky one to answer as it really depends on what I'm doing that day, the weather, my mood, my energy levels etc but I have always been a pretty big snacker. I don't tend to get super hungry, but my blood sugar levels seem to be quite sensitive and so either that or wanting a distraction from whatever I'm doing often leads me to the kitchen! The more I learn about my body and the way it responds to the food that I eat, the more I realise that sometimes I really do need to have a snack between meals to keep my energy levels up. Not every day, but often enough that I have tried to figure out the things that work best for me in terms of stopping myself from crashing out or just picking all afternoon until dinner!

  1.  Apple and nut butter - I like to cut the apple into slices and dip them straight in the jar but to try to have a little control, I find it is best to use a knife to spread a little nut butter on the apples so I am more sparing. By cutting the apple up, it makes it feel like you are eating more, the apple gives you a little sweetness, while the nut butter contains protein and good fats to help keep you feeling full.
  2.  Rice cake with hummus and sun-dried tomato - so simple but with a sprinkle off black pepper, this is the perfect savoury snack. I try to go easy on the hummus when I remember to and just add a sundried tomato or two which I chop and sprinkle on top. It couldn't be easier.
  3.  Matcha latte - surprisingly filling, wonderfully warming and totally energising this is my go-to 'snack' of the moment. If you use brown rice milk rather than nut milk, there is no need to add a sweetener either. My recipe and more matcha info can be found here.