Tips for Making 'Travelling with Work' Work

I was with a client yesterday morning and we spent a little while chatting about various things. One of the things we discussed is something that you guys ask about a lot, especially at events and after classes etc so I thought I would run through a few things on here. Lots of you have busy working lives and especially when you are expected to travel for business its often really hard to keep healthy which can leave you feeling tired and flat. Early starts, client lunches and energy dips mean our bodies can be a little all over the place and many of us end up skipping meals or overeating, fuelling up on coffee and sugar to get us through the day.

I don't work in an office or travel for work (although taking my teaching abroad sounds like a great next step!) so I can't totally sympathise but I do know what it is like to be rushing around and finding it hard to develop a routine. I've found a few simple practises that really help me to stay grounded at busy times that I hope may be helpful for you too.

1) Don't skip breakfast

Take it with you - either prepare some overnight oats in advance or just fill a small sand which bag or Tupperware with oats and perhaps a little cinnamon and some raisins or desiccated coconut. Wherever you are, you can then grab a cup of boiling water and a banana from any coffee shop, pour in the oats and chop up the banana then give it a good mix and let it sit for a few minutes. It might not be the best porridge you've ever tasted but it will stop you reaching for a pastry or missing the best meal of the day - both of which might send you're energy crashing down mid-morning. I use this trick on long haul flights and it really is a good one!

I've recently been trying out a brilliant new personal blender from Sage Appliances called The Boss to go which I've been using to make smoothies and protein shakes that I can whizz up straight into the glass, put on the lid and pop straight in my bag to have later in the day. I'd really recommend one if you are looking for a personal blender!

2) Stay hydrated

When we are busy it's easy to forget to drink water. Keep a bottle in your bag and make sure you keep sipping and refilling. It will help you to stay switched on and reduce tiredness, stiffness and headaches.

3) Pack some snacks

Always keep a snack in your bag. Nuts, energy balls, a piece of fruit - whatever it is that works for you. If you're on the go and you can't get hold of anything good to eat then at least you can keep going a little longer! Which leads me to the next point...


4) Prepare your meals

It's easier said than done but it takes a couple of minutes to marinate some kale and whack it in a Tupperware with some beans and cherry tomatoes. It doesn't have to be fancy, just simple and delicious. And easy. And if you just can't then do what you can when you're out and pick up something light and fresh that isn't going to leave you exhausted.


5) Take the Stairs

Walk one bus stop if that's all there is time for or even climbing the stairs. Get your body moving in any way you can. And stretch. It REALLY helps and can be done anywhere.

6) Breathe

Close your eyes in the back of a car, on the tube, or in the airport lounge. Focus on each breath and start to breathe deeply so the belly rises and falls. It calms the mind, delivers fresh oxygen to your cells and allows you to ground yourself wherever you are.

7) Be kind to yourself

All these tips are helpful but things don't always go to plan. Allow yourself a little kindness, don't kick yourself too hard if you end up eating something you wish you hadn't. Don't make it worse for yourself - we are all only human.