Cacao Protein Smoothie (Vegan, GF, DF)

Pre and post workout nutrition is just as important as the exercise you actually do. Not only does it give you the energy to push yourself but it also provides all the goodness that you need to help your body recover properly. In my quest to find some easy post-workout solutions, I produced the most creamy and delicious smoothie I think I have ever tasted - and trust me it tastes much better than it looks!

I originally made it using an Imbibery London Cacao Mylk (recipe can be found on Instagram) but have since developed an at home version if you can't get your hands on one. I absolutely love hemp protein powder as it is really easily disguised compared to some alternatives and a 30g scoop gives 14.1g of protein. When you add that to the almond milk and peanut butter, this smoothie is a perfect protein boost to help recover from a workout and is perfect to grab and go. 
For me, this would usually be between meals but if you want to make it even more filling, try adding some oats too.

Ingredients (serves 1)

200 ml of almond milk
3 tsp of raw cacao powder
1 medjool date or 1 tbsp of a sweetener of your choice
1/2 of a ripe banana (freeze first for a more refreshing smoothie)
30g of hemp protein powder
2 tbsp of peanut butter
Simply place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.