Workout: Skip and Press


Yesterday I was recipe testing at home all afternoon which inevitably meant I was picking at food all day without proper meals! I got to the early evening feeling a little full and heavy without time to get myself to the gym before meeting friends. So I picked up my skipping rope for the first time in a very long time and put on some good music for a 20 minute blast at home. It can be so hard to motivate yourself when it is grey and dark, so this is a great workout for when you just can't brig yourself to leave the house but want a really good workout. I promise it will make you sweat.

It is so simple:

1 minute skip as fast as you can

10 press ups


I did 10 rounds, so 10 mins of skipping and 100 press ups and I can definitely feel it this morning. Make sure to stretch after - especially your calves and chest to lengthen out the muscles and reduce aching the next day!

If you're feeling good, you can even throw in an ab blast after.

Give it a go! It only takes 15-20 mins!