Coconut Sesame Brittle


IMG_0995.JPG I've had this idea in my mind for so long now and never got round to making them - I wasn't sure it would be too easy to do and so I put it off subconsciously! But with Christmas fast approaching, it seemed like the best time to give them a shot.

There is something so satisfying about Sesame Snaps - the way they crunch and stick your teeth together...a sign there that they wont be doing any wonders for your body! But whether you want to eat them as a sweet snack or stick them in banana ice cream as a totally, deliciously sickly treat, these snaps are a great thing to play with over the holiday season.


Ingredients (makes one medium tray)

125g of sesame seeds

60g of coconut sugar

75ml of maple syrup

25g of desiccated coconut

coconut oil for greasing

Grease two sheets of baking paper with coconut oil, about the size of a medium-large baking tray.

Heat the maple syrup and coconut sugar in a non-stick pan until it starts to froth. Then reduce the heat a little and add the sesame seeds and desiccated coconut and stir thoroughly for about 5 minutes.

Working quickly, pour the mixture onto one of the sheets of baking paper, then cover with the other sheet and use a rolling pin to roll the mixture until it is just a few millimeters thick.

Remove the top sheet of baking paper, scraping off any that sticks and adding it to the rest. As it begins to cool, use your fingers or a greased spatula to smooth the brittle. You can either choose to score the brittle as it cools in order to snap it in to even pieces, or wait for it to dry and break it up into random pieces!

If any of the snaps stick to the paper, use a knife to gently separate them from the sheet, then flip them over to allow to set all the way through to get that 'snap' from your brittle!