What's In Make Up Bag


IMG_4116 Changing my make up bag to feature more natural products has been a gradual process that has happened as I have moved more and more towards a healthy lifestyle. At first, diet and exercise were the focus, but the better I felt as a result, the more I was willing to look into other aspects of my life and see how I could make healthy changes to those too.

Our skin takes in so much of what we apply to it that finding natural products that are kind to your skin, is really as important as filling our bodies with good food. I’ve always had sensitive skin and had to be careful as to what products I use, but there was a lot more for me to learn than just choosing hypoallergenic face wipes and sensitive moisturisers!

My make up routine is pretty simple. On a day to day basis, I try to wear as little as possible – I am often running from client to client, or working out myself and I hate to sweat with a full face of make up on. Minimal make up means no streaming mascara making your eyes sting in a sticky yoga class, and valuable minutes saved not having to dart off to the changing rooms with a face wipe before class. When I do make a bit more of an effort, I tend to go for some light cover on my skin, a little bronze and blush on my cheeks, a swipe of mascara and something to fill in my somewhat patchy eyebrows! I’ve got the routine down to about 2 minutes when I need to be quick, although from time to time I include some eye make up into the mix and we are looking at more like 5-10. We keep that trick for special occasions!


For me, make up should be about adding to your confidence, highlighting the parts of your face that you love and just keeping things looking elegant and smooth! I really haate to carry around a tonne of makeup in my handbag, so a few essentials that can be there for the ‘just in case’ moments is perect. The trouble is, it can be hard to find make up that doesn’t come in huge bottles that way down your skin and your handbag! I came across a wonderful brand that has not only changed the way my skin looks and feels, but actually saved me a lot of money too. RMS is with out a doubt my favourite make up brand to date. The products glide on so wonderfully due to their natural ingredients with a coconut oil base. You can wear them all day without that heavy feeling some makeup gives me and the look is wonderfully natural and pretty.

When I first came across the products, I looked at the sales assistant in disbelief when she told me it would last for months. The tiny pot of ‘uncoverup’ looked like a month’s coverage at most. And at £28 a pot, I could think of a lot of other ways to spend my money! But with a little convincing from my friend, who has used this brand before, I decided to trust the lady (she seemed pretty lovely, and I like to give people benefit of the doubt) and purchased a pot, along with a bronzer. Now I am not someone that cakes on make up just to pop to buy a bag of kale, but 5 months on and I just scooped out the last bits of ‘uncoverup’ and the bronzer is still going strong. If that isn’t good value for money, then I am not sure what is! I now wont wear anything else and have gone back for blushers in two shades and some gorgeous brushes for helping my apply it – fingers are totally acceptable as they help to melt the coconut oil.

The blushers come in lots of lovely colours and are aptly named ‘lip2cheek’, meaning you can coordinate your lip and cheek colour with one small pot.

Green People do a really great mascara. It’s quite subtle, but if you apply a few coats, you can add a really lovely, natural look to your eyes. Unlike a lot of mascaras, it clears off nicely so you aren’t left with panda eyes post-shower.

I admit that I still have a few bits in there that aren’t totally natural. They are, however, cruelty free and vegan so I am doing my best! I use the Nakd pallete from Urban Decay to help give a little extra fullness to my eyebrows!

It can be pretty tricky to get off the last bits of makeup clinging to your skin, especially mascara and eyeliner which seem to never want to let you reveal your true beauty! I’ve been lucky enough to try some fantastic new face wipes from RMS which use my trusty old favourite, coconut oil, to really clean up every last smudge. They are individually wrapped, and perfect for keeping stashed away in your make up bag so you can refresh your face without even having to run home.