My Favourite Workout Studios (October)



Before I left for Goa, I had quite a few messages and emails asking for my favourite work out spots in London so I thought it might be useful to throw together a little list so that I could share it with you all.

Usually, I split my training into HIIT, weight training, cardio and of course yoga.

More recently, due to a shoulder injury, I haven’t been able to focus too much on the first two and so cardio and yoga have been keeping me going. For me, this means that I don’t necessarily feel in my best shape ever but I have really enjoyed using it as an opportunity to go to more classes with friends and explore a few different studios.


I spend quite a bit of time working in East London so Frame has been a real saviour for me, allowing me to fit a workout around meetings and clients. With three studios (Shoreditch, Queens Park and the recently opened Kings Cross), Frame is starting to really take over the London fitness scene.

They offer all kinds of classes from 30-90 minutes in length spanning yoga, interval training, boxing, kettle bells, reformer pilates and a million more. There really is something for everyone and they run a tonne of classes every day.

Frame also offers personal training, which they call Frame Personalised. I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks training with one of their trainers, Jodie, to help me give my motivation a boost before walking for Charli Cohen in London Fashion Week. It was the first time I had worked with a female PT and I loved it. We had a real laugh but that (unfortunately) didn’t stop Jodie from putting me through my paces each week.

The new studio in Kings Cross has a really great little café menu – the refuel bowl is delicious and really great value…and you can browse the shop for lots of lovely new sports wear while you’re there too!


My favourite place to spin in London has to be Psycle. There are certain teachers there that really make it for me and so I try to get a class in with one of them each week. The great thing is that all the teachers there have their own style but still deliver a really great 45-minute full body workout. The studios are dark so you can really go for it without anyone being able to see how sweaty you are getting!

The studios are located at Oxford Circus and Canary Wharf, and both have Energy Kitchens so you can grab a smoothie on the way out. The showers are great too and you don’t need to worry if you forget your shampoo or deodorant etc as it is all there for you.


I was really trying to step up my yoga game before coming away so that it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to my body when my teacher training begins (although I’m pretty sure you can never be well enough prepared!). I decided to buy a one-month pass at Triyoga due to the number of classes they run per day and the location of their studios.

What was really amazing was the variety in the teachers and their styles. You really can do pretty much any kind of yoga from acro to Mysore (self-led ashtanga), hot to jivamukti and anything and everything in between. There are some really wonderful teachers there and I was lucky to have the flexibility to find my favourites and attend their classes wherever possible.

The changing rooms at the Soho studio can get a little over crowded at times but it was worth it for a great class. The studios themselves are simple and white, leaving you with little to distract yourself from your practise.

There really are so many amazing studios in London and these three were just the ones I have been using the most in the last few months. If you have found an awesome studio then I would love to hear about it so I can give it a try when I am back as I am always looking for new places to keep me motivated between my running and gym sessions!