Social Media - Let's Empower Each Other!


IMG_6725 Social Media is on of the strangest things to have happened in our life times but it has managed to totally manifest itself into our day-to-day lives and become a really important tool for staying in touch with friends, learning about brand and events, and well, just passing time on the bus. We build social media into our everyday lives, scrolling through instagram in bed at night, checking Facebook as we walk to work, or even replying to emails on the loo. It is mad to think that just a few years ago, it didn't even exist and now we are connected 24/7.

There are two key issues with social media that I wanted to discuss - the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat others.

The first issue really comes down to the comparisons we make between what we see online and our own selves. It is so important to remember that people's profiles are a tactical snapshot into their lives, or even of the lives they want people to see. The trouble is that we are all so quick to compare our lives to these snapshots that we can end up feeling inadequate, like other people have more fun, more friends, look skinnier, are prettier, healthier, stronger...the list goes on. How are we ever meant to be content with where we are, how we look or what we are doing if we are constantly comparing ourselves to unrealistic markers of normality?!

The second issue I have is that social platforms seem to give people an excuse to be critical and often just down right mean to one another. It is almost as though people forget that there are real live humans just like ourselves on the other side of the account who have the same feelings, emotions and probably insecurities as you do. I have seen some awful comments directed at people by strangers that would be so upsetting to receive. Calling someone ugly, arrogant, putting them down for whatever reason, and even calling someone's body 'shit' - this sort of negativity can not only be humiliating but also can really impact someone on a totally personal level. No matter who someone is, or the snapshot into their lives that they choose to portray, everyone is fighting a battle you don't necessarily know about, and even if they do have everything together, a wonderful life and no worries at all (which is probably unlikely!), they are still human and deserve to be treated like anyone else.

Social media is such a wonderful tool to have - it can be so inspiring in so many ways and if used positively we can create such a strong, empowered and inspiring force. Rather than putting ourselves down and criticising others, lets use it to congratulate, support and love each other, and drive ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. Be inspired and inspire others.  Everyone has their own battles to fight - the world needs more kindness, and it costs us nothing to give that to others. And if you don't have anything nice to say, to yourself or to someone else, try just listening in stead.