Sit Still, Be Quiet



So this week I have been working with a shoulder injury, which has meant for someone like me that really struggles to sit still, I've had to try very hard to just chill. Exercise really is what gets me going and without it I find myself feeling restless and often a bit more stressed. Consciously taking such a well learned habit out of my daily routine can be tough but I know it is what I need to do in order to recover quickly! So really, there couldn't have been a better time for me to notice an awesome campaign by Boys of Yoga, taking the social media world by storm.

Almost everyone I meet or cross paths with is rushing around to get between meetings, to meet friends, to pick up their children from school - juggling 101 things and trying to cram them into just a short number of hours in the day. We do our emails while we sit on the train, brush our teeth in the shower (other people do that too, right?!), and prepare our food while we catch up with a friend on the phone. We just don't know how to say no!

Today was a perfect example of this for me: I saw a client first thing this morning (who had to remind me about 28 times not to demonstrate anything in order to rest my shoulder) and then came home to walk my parent's dog who is with me this week. I put on my coat, walked out the door and realised I had forgotten my phone. How on earth was I going to walk for 20 minutes without using the time to go through my inbox?! But rather than turn back, I decided to go with it and use the time to think, plan and just enjoy the time walking in the fresh air with very cute and fluffy company. What a novel idea! And I really enjoyed it. I thought it would feel like forever but the time went so quickly and I wandered back feeling calm and content.

This action of being present in what we do is something I am working really hard on myself. Partly for me, but also for the people around me. Giving presence to the people that you interact with is so valuable and you become so much more engaged and engaging when you can give your full attention to a particular moment in time. Even as I sit writing this, I heard an email ping on my phone and my first instinct was to go straight to it and subconsciously welcome the distraction. It really is a whole new discipline to try to commit to one thing at one time when we are used to multitasking almost 24 hours a day.

That brings me back to the Boys of Yoga and their stillness campaign - #sitstillbequiet. The boys are trying to encourage us all to take just 3 minutes to sit still, be quiet, and just calm our minds. Rather than trying to do a million things, think about doing a few things well. A quiet mind can make this a million times easier. We can make clearer decisions, apply ourselves and commit to what we choose to occupy ourselves with. How good does that sound?!

Even if you have never considered mindfulness practise before, I urge you to take some time today, this weekend and over the next few weeks to just switch off - or switch on, whichever way you look at it - and get in tune with your mind and your body. The calmness you bring to yourself will radiate through to so many different parts of and people in your life if you find just 3 minutes a day to just be.

So like the boys say - "Don't just do something, sit there"