WOW: 17th August - HIIT Pyramid (Legs & Bums)


Photo Credit: Sam Sutaria I am so pleased that some of you have been using these workouts regularly. It makes me so happy to know that you are getting active and fitting in these workouts around your busy lives. I've had a few requests for a new HIIT routine so that you can mix things up a bit. This one focuses on your legs and bums and combines high intensity and low intensity intervals.

Each round has 6 exercises.

You do all 6 exercises back to back with no break.

Each round will go up in timing and then back down again - so the first round is 20 seconds per exercises back to back, then 30 seconds for the next round and then 40 seconds for the last round. You then make your way back down the pyramid with a 30 second round and then a final 20 seconds per exercise.

In between each round, take a 30 second rest to catch your breath.

Try to push yourself to around 90% in each round and remember to warm up gently before and stretch at the end too!

The Workout

Alternate Lunges

Jumping Jacks



Wide Leg Squats

Squat Jumps

Enjoy, and let me know how you get on!