Cucumber and Blueberry Salad


P1150882 I made this salad last week on a warm, summer's evening when I was overfull from indulging at lunch time but still searching for something to eat (I don't do skipping meals - its too boring when you love to cook). I placed a piece of salmon under the grill and set to work chopping! This is one of the freshest salads to date and requires minimal preparation. You can also make it with a spiralizer if you prefer ribbons to half moon slices of cucumber, or save time with a vegetable slicer which would probably bring the prep time of this dish down to about 30 seconds!

Cucumber and mint has always been a favourite combination of mine. It has an unrivalled freshness that reminds me of summer nights sat around the garden table with friends, drinking fruity cocktails and talking until the sun sets and you remember you're still in London and you need to find a hundred layers again to stay warm!

I would advise making this as a side salad to eat with grains, fish or something more substantial as it is incredibly low in calories and would probably leave you feeling quite hungry if you ate it by itself, as you might notice from the very simple ingredients list.

P1150876Ingredients - Serves 2

1 cucumber

150g of blueberries

2 limes

1 handful of fresh mint

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Juice the limes and combine them with the olive oil to make the simple dressing.

Cut off the ends of the cucumber and cut it in half lengthways. Then finely slice the cucumber halves, the finer the better.

Tear the mint using your hands until it is finely shredded.

Mix the cucumber, mint and blueberries in a serving bowl then dress well. P1150881