WOW: 27th July - Getting Upside Down with Celest Pereira


P1150275 This week's workout idea is inspired by the awesome class this morning at the 2nd event in my summer yoga series, taught by the inspiring and beautiful Celest Pereira. Celest loves getting upside down even more than I do and if she's not standing on her head, she's teaching other yogis to stand on theirs. I always love going to classes where I get to try something new and Celest always helps me to push myself - sometimes you surprise yourself with what your body can do. Today, we tried mixing up some of my old favourites, such as doing crow from our forearms and mixing up headstands too.


As you have probably gathered, I just love to practise my inversions. There are so many benefits (which I have written about here) and they are such a great way to have fun and be playful. Lots of you have been asking how to get started with inversions so I thought Celest would be a great person to introduce you to. Celest has a whole series of videos on her youtube channel, teaching you lots of different fun and funky poses. This week I want to get as many of you upside down as possible and I would love to see your pictures on Instagram and Twitter so show me what you are up to using #MBBWOW.

If you are totally new to headstands then this video is for you:


She also shares lots of tips and tricks with you here too:


If you are really confident with your headstands then here is something for you to try:


I'm going to be working on my forearm stand, or pincha mayurasana, a pose I used to love but have been scared of after taking a tumble last year. I've finally built up the confidence to start working on it again but have a lot of strength to build up in order to hold myself properly. Celest has a great little video if you want to give it a try too!



One of the things Celest told me today is if you can't do something, you can't do it 'yet'. Keep trying, keep working and don't be disheartened if it doesn't come first time. Our bodies are so different and it might take you one try or months of trying before you see yourself getting closer but dedicating energy to practising and enjoying the journey is so important. I'm making an effort to spend ten minutes every day working on my inversions and I would love to see some of you guys doing the same! Have fun, be brave and get upside down!