Have a Great Flight!


10351953_10152629245594174_1211213015515757080_n Over the last few weeks I have been training two lovely ladies bright and early, twice a week, ahead of their summer holidays. This morning during our session we got talking about the difficulties of trying to keep yourself feeling good on travel days, especially when you are flying and are restricted in what you can pack. The trouble is, being cooped up in a car or on a long haul flight really can make you feel awful, especially if you find yourself stuck for healthy eating options on your journey. It is these sort of days that being prepared can totally make or break me! The last few times I have travelled, I've got a lot better at making sure I have everything I need to reduce the impact of travelling on my body and so I thought it may be helpful to share them with you!

One of the best things I have found for travelling with is ginger - not only is it great for your digestion but it has anti-inflammatory effects too, reducing the puffiness most people suffer from when they fly. Depending on my flight time, I either make a ginger shot before I leave, or pick one up the day before from a juice bar. Just make sure you put it in a container that is less than 100ml if you want to take it onto the plane!


Early flights really confuse my body! I can wake up at 4am and think I am totally starving, even though I'm hours away from my usual breakfast slot! If you have a morning flight, a substantial chia pudding is a great way to go. I like to combine chia seeds, oats, a plant based milk and perhaps some coconut yoghurt in a jar or disposable container with some berries and mix it up well. If you prepare it the night before you can grab it as you head out the door in the morning to enjoy on your way when the hunger kicks in!

If you are travelling later in the day or are looking for a second meal to take as a 'packed-lunch', a kale salad travels really well if you are travelling later in the day. Unlike most leaves, kale doesn't go all soggy so it can be kept safely in your bag ready for later in the journey.


Snacks are really handy too. I like to take granola bars, energy balls or if I'm stuck for time the day before, some shop bought bars are great too. I like Meridian and Raw Bite best at the moment - make sure you check out the ingredients and avoid anything with a long ingredients list, including 'natural flavourings' as these are not always so natural!

While I recommend taking snacks with you, try not to overeat. Your digestive system will be confused anyway by changing time zones and sitting down for long periods of time so don't make it work harder than it needs to and try to only eat when you are hungry, rather than to pass the time.


It is also really important to stay hydrated so I try to avoid any caffeine within 12-24 hours of flying and buy a large bottle of water to take on the flight with you. Don't underestimate how much you need to drink - while it may be annoying for the person you have to climb over to get out of the aisle to the loo, your body, skin and mind will thank you for it. I always carry a moisturiser too which I apply regularly to my face and hands during the flight.

Finally, if you get a chance to exercise before or after your flight, even just a gentle jog will help you to adjust to changes in time zones and keep body and mind stay as healthy as possible while travelling. Have a great flight!