I Forgot to Prepare a Post...

So I've been totally flat out for the last couple of weeks and I sat down at my computer this morning and realised I hadn't prepared a blog post to release today. I fell into total panic, knowing that I had very little time today to come up with something particularly creative or interesting for you to read! I messaged my best friend asking for an idea, hoping he might have a stroke of inspiration. He came up with a few ideas that I will definitely bank for the future, but made a really good point that I have decided to run with... why on earth was I panicking about something so insignificant? Of course, it is important to keep up with interesting content on the blog but the whole point is that it is supposed to be authentic. There is nothing authentic about forcing a post for the sake of ticking a box. It made me realise how much we do that in our lives, trying to please other people or feeling pressured to meet deadlines that we apply to ourselves. In truth, I am feeling pretty exhausted today and with 4 hours of teaching this afternoon, wasting time worrying about missing a blog post is energy thrown away that I should be preserving for my students and other commitments.

I just thought it was an important message to share - it is ok to say no, to strip things back, to be authentically and unashamedly yourself. Give yourself the same kindness and forgiveness that you give others. We are not perfect and sometimes we take on too much. I'm trying to focus on committing to fewer things and being able to give them 110% then jut scrape by giving minimal energy to a hundred different projects. It's a learning process and I've definitely got a long way to go but we will get there.

Oh, and I didn't have a new photo to post either, so I'm sharing the view where I'll be hosting my retreat in April. I am so excited for fresh air and the chance to wind down after a crazy few months - if you think you will be ready for a break too then email Nici at hello@thewellconnected.com or me annie@mindbodybowl.co.uk.

And B R E A T H E...


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